Chapter 1.6: Comfort Zone

One of life’s traps I frequently fell — and still fall — into is the comfort zone. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the coziness, the certainty, and the stability behind the comfort zone; what’s nicer than knowing how your day, week, or month is going to end? In a rapidly moving, ever-more competitive world, the uncertainty and risk raised by trying something new are demotivating.

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Chapter 1.5: Certainty In The Uncertain

October 17, 2019. A day that marked the change in all our lives. Politics aside, one fact is clear: our lives aren’t the same anymore. In the past four chapters, I have emphasized the need to create consistency, raise food consciousness, and fight through dips. I never thought my preaching would be put to the test this soon and to this extent.

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Chapter 1.4: Know What You Eat

I was convinced that if I worked-out hard enough, I can eat whatever I want and be happy — and for a while I was. It wasn’t until I got habituated to my eating lifestyle that the negative aspects started to weigh in. The extra kilograms, the oily and outbreak-prone skin, the animal-like addiction to junk food, those were only some of the visible effects of my unhealthy eating habits.

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