Akrasia /əˈkreɪzɪə,əˈkrasɪə/

nounPHILOSOPHY 1. the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will.

I had trained for nearly two years at the gym before I began to eat consciously. Yes, in those two years I had gained some muscle, but I had gained more fat (per ratio).

We all have heard “abs are made in the kitchen” and I chose to ignore it, convincing myself that if I eat whatever I want and train hard enough, then I’m happy — and for a long while I was. It wasn’t until I decided one day to try and change my eating habits to lose a couple of pounds that I came to a creamy realization.

Happiness(whatever that means) comes from suffering. Ironic? I thought so too. But a change of mindset made me see that happiness comes from abstaining rather than indulging, from sobriety rather than inebriety, and from less rather than more.

The more consistently I said no to unhealthy food (and unnecessary extra calories), the more empowered I felt, the stricter and better I became with balancing my dietary intake.

That is not to say that I, like any other human, don’t enjoy the occasional sugar-injected treat or the cheese-oozing burger. As long as it is being done consciously, there is nothing to fear. Just remember that: Yes, abs are made in the kitchen — your kitchen.

If you are ready to start your own journey, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Always focus on the bigger picture. Mistakes happen. You will be tempted by that donut that one day. IT’S OKAY! Continue as planned.
  2. Stay steady. If you end up binging on food one night, don’t fast the next day or even decrease your calories: you might induce a binge-fast-binge cycle. Continue as planned.
  3. Baby steps, my friends. Small increments of change. First, decrease refined sugar, then decrease further. Decrease non-home-cooked food, then decrease further. Decrease processed food, then decrease further. Keep doing this until they almost cease.
  4. Do your research. There is no one golden method, no easy 7 day way out. Each body has a way to treat it, find yours.

If you’ve also been through your own journey, I would love to hear your stories!

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