About Me

As a younger fella, I faced difficulties with being able to take hard, life-changing decisions that I saw fit for myself. Growing up in a family-oriented and conservative society hindered much of my potential in the beginning, but it also taught me the importance of values. University years were rough at first, but they were the psychological shock I needed to kick-start my autonomy. After dropping a semester, failing in courses and deliverables, and changing my major, I finally  started taking decisions that scared me. By the end, I earned a degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy, which made me develop an understanding of the world that funneled the drive I needed to do more and do it better: Life is a struggle, but a beautiful one. 

This blog is not an attempt to get a buzzword title for myself. It is not an attempt to be labeled an influencer or an entrepreneur — these titles are hard earned, not freely handed. This blog is a space for us to share our thoughts and experiences, for us to talk. 

So, by all means, let’s talk.

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